Mentortainment Network


“Strength and Guidance:
teaching resilience and determination
in the face of challenges.”

“Empowering Resilience: Encouraging the ability to overcome obstacles, teaching resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.”

“Embracing Heritage: Passing down cultural traditions and values from one generation to another helps shape a strong identity and sense of belonging.”


“Unconditional Love: demonstrating the unwavering support and affection that strengthens the bond.”

“Building Dreams: guidance to pursue aspirations, foster ambition and supporting the journey to success.”

“Leading by Example: Demonstrating the importance of education by instilling a love for learning and personal growth.”

“Future Leaders: empowering with confidence and leadership skills and sense of purpose to become a positive force in the community.”

“Teaching Life Skills: mentoring in practical matters with a core foundation of respect for life, essential knowledge and nurturing critical thinking for problem solving.”

Mentor – noun: An experienced and trusted advisor

A mentor is an experienced and knowledgeable individual who provides guidance, support, and advice to a less experienced person.

The role of a mentor involves sharing their insights, experiences, and lessons learned to assist the mentee in achieving their personal or professional goals. Mentors act as trusted advisors and role models, offering encouragement, constructive feedback, and practical suggestions to help the mentee navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and reach their potential.

The vision and mission of The Mentors Podcast and platform is to highlight the importance of mentorship. There can be many types of mentors both male and female, young and old. On the Mentortainment Network we focus primarily on mentoring young African American males.

We feature educators, coaches, business leaders in the community, and people who have dedicated their time to a young man or young men to give support to help them grow into a productive adult and possibly become a mentor to someone else at some point in time.

We also want to make it a special point of our presentation to feature the many fathers that are primary mentor to their own sons as well as young men who may not have a father that they may pour into. This willingness to reach one and teach one is part of the foundation for which this platform came into being.

We want you to enjoy and be inspired by our podcast and our guests. We also challenge YOU to find someone to mentor in your own circle of influence. Although we focus primarily on men and boy mentoring relationships here, we recognize that there are many dedicated women as well that take on the mantle of mentoring both young girls and boys and we will recognize some of them as well.